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title. project 02

date. 2023

city. New York

size. mural painting 1000m x 200m


Our mission is to support doctors and hospitals in developing countries to help them provide basic evidenced based care including life-saving equipment, digestive enzymes, and multivitamins donated by patients in healthcare rich countries with the goal of providing

More Mornings to CF Warriors the World Over.  

We here at CFV4L believe that no CF equipment or medication should sit idly on a shelf or in a closet that could otherwise bring new hope, vitality, and life to fellow patients in other countries. Additionally, we seek to build a robust international community of CF Warriors by connecting our recipients and donors with CF patients through social media, Zoom meetings, and virtual CF conferences and events so that none of our recipients ever feel like they have to fight this disease alone.

Become a part of our mission today by visiting our donation page!


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